7 superheroes I'd like to be

Originally posted at medium.com

Why 7 heroes and not a solid number like 5 or 10? Well, 7 is a magical number possessing the power of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… It’s 7 because I had 7 perfect heroes in mind. I neither wanted to cut it short by removing some nor extend it by adding unnecessary people. That said, here you go:

  1. Doctor Strange
    A stupefying costume, a red cloak that makes you fly, access to the mystic forces, proficiency in martial arts, and not to mention a skilled neurosurgeon. These alone make it impossible to not want to be the ‘mightiest magician in cosmos’. And back in the good ol’ days, he was unstoppable. The writers had to nerf him to make the comics more interesting. I guess being the Sorcerer Supreme means being the strongest entity in the universe.

  2. Magneto
    If you have read the comics, you would know that this mutant has power over the entire electromagnetic spectrum (not just metals and magnetic elements as portrayed in the movies). This implies he can control everything from light to anything that has a magnetic field associated with it. All atoms have a small electromagnetic field due to electrons and thus Magneto can wield nearly everything. He even lifted Mjolnir by manipulating the magnetic field around it! Wait, what?

  3. Wolverine
    Who doesn’t like this absolute badass! Accelerated healing, regeneration, claws, and the entire skeleton laced with Adamantium. This guy is immortal (until they decided to kill him off in the Old Man Logan arc). He’s the best there is at what he does. Quick to temper, you do not want to get on his bad side. Actually, it is not possible for you to get on his good side either. So you better just stay out of his way.

  4. Avatar
    The Avatar, master of the elements of water, earth, fire, and air, is probably not your conventional comic book hero (even though there are comics). He/she is still a hero who tries to bring peace and balance to the world. With the power of the elements, comes the power to do crazy things (like controlling lava). And then, there is the Avatar state that gives you the combined strength of all your past lives making you ever more powerful. Enough said!

  5. Wonder Woman
    While most of the other heroes on this list are all about fighting and destruction, Diana is a symbol of truth, justice and peace. Oh, she can put up a good fight if that’s what you want but, she is more of a defender of peace and equality. With the Lasso of Truth, Indestructible Bracelets and occasionally the sword, this demigod is the perfect balance of diplomacy and deadliness.

  6. Professor Xavier
    Another mutant, but a mutant like no other, Professor X is perhaps the greatest telepath in the Marvel universe. Magneto had to alter the earth’s magnetic field to reduce Charles’ telepathic range. He even has the power to learn new things by tapping into the learning center of someone else’s brain. Eidetic memory, manipulating someone, projecting himself into someone’s mind are a few of the perks that come with telepathy. He is so powerful he can project himself into the astral plane! Even if the others don’t, at least the very basic mind reading should count for something.

  7. Batman
    A man with nothing else but (extremely) strong will can do anything. Batman is an example of that. Strip him of all his gadgets, money, martial skills and he will still come out alive. He actually did survive when Darkseid threw him back in time to the Stone Age. He has defeated Superman and survived, and he had a successful plan to take out the entire Justice League. Even Captain America recognized him as a formidable opponent! I think this man, with no super powers, has done some extraordinary things that serve as an inspiration to everyone that ‘Anybody can be a hero’.