Looking behind at 2022 and looking ahead at 2023

Since starting in 2016 over the winter break of my first year as an undergrad, this annual retrospective seems to be the onlt thing keeping this blog alive. I do ocassionally write some guides, but nothing for the blog itself. I hope to add more to the blog but, right now, I don’t have a timeline for that. In the meantime, I intend to keep the tradition of these annual round-ups of the past year.

Looking behind at 2022

While a lot of things have considerably changed compared to 2021 and 2020, the pandemic still loomed in the background. But other global events such as inflation, recession, and war took the foreground. Here are some highlights from my personal life:

Looking at the numbers

Looking ahead at 2023

A few things I am looking forward to in 2023:

Last year, I set out to do more of less. I think I was more or less successful in that endeavor. I decided to do, at most, 5 things distributed between research, classes, teaching, and other obligations. I definitely brought it down to 4 towards the end of the year. I want to continue doing that in 2023. I expect it will fluctuate between 4 and 5 for until the end of Spring quarter.

I have some exciting ideas for side projects that I want to pursue in 2023. Some of these have been simmering in my head for a long time and others are inspired by recent events. Some are technical and others are creative. I won’t fully describe them here but I will post updates when they are nearing completion.

Some other fun things I want to do this year: